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Life Force Wellness App

Mobile app and online client portal used to communicate with coaches, track progress, get workouts on demand, meditation exercises, post on community page, get nutrition plans, join challenges and more.

Assigned Health Coach

Get your own personal health coach to help you along your journey.  Meet one-on-one with your coach monthly. Get weekly check-ins, customized nutrition and workout plans to help your reach your goals.

Life Force Workshops

Get motivational and educational workshops that teach you the habits you need to succeed. Topics range from organization, time-management, nutritional guidance and relaxation techniques.

6 Months to Work-Life Balance

Do not waste anymore time getting frustrated, overwhelmed or burned out. Work with a coach to develop a plan so you can reach your goals. Sign up for the 6 month Life Force Program to finally achieve the life balance you have been longing for.

The Life Force method is a six phase program (shown here) designed to focus on seven important life forces. Work with a coach to keep you on track and help you when things get hard or when you experience a setback. Set goals, develop a plan and get to work! 

Life Force Method Individual Package Includes

  • Life Force Wellness App
    • Syncs with most fitness trackers
    • Community page – to get ideas, motivation, and recipes
    • Energizing workout plans and videos on demand
    • Immunity boosting customized nutrition plans and food tracking
    • Stress relieving meditation and music
    • Individual progress tracking
  • Customized monthly fitness challenges
    • These monthly challenges range from physical challenges such as burpees, squats and stair climbing to customized challenges such as weight loss, calories burned, BMI and more.
  • Assigned Life Force Coach
    • Your coach will build a relationship with you to keep you on track, accountable and to answer questions as needed.
  • Life Force Specialists 
    • Physician Assistant
    • Nutritionist
    • Addiction Counselors
    • Financial Services Professionals
  • 7 Stay Strong Coaching Calls
    • One-on-one coaching calls help keep you on track, motivated and provide support when needed.
  • 12 (45 min) Life Force Workshops
    • Realize your purpose – Life Wheel assessment and goal setting
    • FOMO – Staying present in everyday moments
    • HALT before eating – Eat with purpose
    • Hole in my pocket; Where does the money go?
    • What is holding you back? Creating an environment for success
    • Eating for Energy; Ditch the food that make you feel sluggish
    • Making small change; Reach financial goals by adjusting your spending habits
    • The Power of Gratitude; Change your thinking change your life.
    • Happy and Productive; How emotions affect our productivity
    • Don’t Fake your Smile; Decreasing stress in the workplace and ditch the mask
    • Optimal Sleep for Optimal Performance
    • Substance Abuse: Warning signs you need to know

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