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Create and environment where employees can flourish.

Learn what it means to create a positive environment/culture that promotes open and honest communications with an understanding that it is okay to not be okay in the workplace. We will discuss the differences between growth and fixed mindsets, how to identify them and how to promote a culture of growth in your organization using positive psychological interventions. You will learn how to criticize employees in a way that is not offensive and understand behavior change so you can guide employees to become more productive and mentally resilient. We use assessments, challenges, and role-playing exercises to keep everyone engaged.

Speaker Bio:

Megan Wollerton

Wellness Expert and Corporate Wellness Specialist

Megan experienced corporate burnout after working in the oil and gas industry and decided to pursue her own well-being. Megan found a passion for learning and teaching wellness to others. Megan has studied various topics on exercise, nutrition, mental resiliency, behavior change and creating engaging corporate wellness programs. This led her to create Life Force Wellness LLC, a corporate wellness organization focusing on seven distinct well-being areas. Megan has a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in psychology. She holds certifications as a personal trainer, health coach, nutrition coach, corporate wellness specialist and positive psychology practitioner.

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Megan Wollerton, and I have worked together in various capacities over the years. She began presenting to our members in 2020 and quickly became a preferred speaker, rapidly advancing the membership through her lectures.

Megan can cater to a myriad of different personalities and professional backgrounds. Our group, representing HR professionals from the greater Pittsburgh region, finds her style to be engaging and informative and her evaluations indicate a high regard for the information provided.

Megan’s presentations have prepared our members with the skill sets necessary to move through life transitions while continuing to find ways to be productive. Roadblocks and unforeseen adversity, both personal and professional, stretch us every day. The participants leave Megan’s presentations with the abilities to find productivity through adversity.

Based on Megan’s performance, our chapter has invited her to present at numerous meetings. Megan’s style of presenting combines valuable, practical information with immediate useful take-aways. In conclusion, I would emphasize that Megan is a unique individual that would be a substantial asset to any organization fortunate enough to acquire her speaking skills.

-Liz Llamping, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Human Resource Association

Megan Wollerton, of Life Force Wellness, presented to my Vistage Group of business leaders in July 2021.  Her topic "Creating a Culture of Positivity and Growth” was a big hit with the attendees!  It was power-packed with key take-aways that the audience could apply in their various businesses the very next day!   

 Her keen insights and perspectives really resonated with everyone considering today's employee retention challenges! 

 I highly recommend having Megan present to any organization that is serious about wanting to grow and prosper! 

- Kevin Trout, Vistage Chair, Vistage Worldwide


Lifeforce Wellness and their staff have been unparalleled in quality, and effectiveness. Helping me to grow and not just maintain my business. Aiding my employees work life balance, while guiding them on their journeys utilizing the lifeforce app., I have seen incredible growth and changes to everyone’s literal and figurative bottom lines!

- P. Rivera-CEO Rivera Gourmets LLC.

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