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Don't Cut Wellness


During this year of 2020 we have all seen major ups and downs. At the beginning of the year the market was up and unemployment was at a record low. Businesses were competing for the best talent and looking for ways to retain their employees. Then COVID-19 happened. Some industries were hit harder than others as we were asked to shutdown and stay at home. Unemployment rates skyrocketed and the markets tanked.

It is easy to understand why companies are hesitant to make any major decisions right now. As states are starting to lockdown again questions arise about which companies will remain open, which need to close and how long this will continue on for. Making big financial commitments in this volatile market is a risk that many are considering very carefully. Many companies are looking for ways to cut costs and lower overhead.

Wellness programs should not be on the list of things to cut during this time. If you are frustrated by employees lack of participation in your programs it...

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