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My Special Powerful Jar

This is a simple jar; it looks very ordinary and plain. There appears to be nothing special about it at all. However, this jar holds the power to turn any frown I might have on my face into a smile. This jar will lift me up, elevate my mood, improve my health and make me think differently about the year 2020. This is my jar of positivity. I want to share my special jar with you so you can hold that same power in your hand.

My husband and I started this tradition 2 years ago and it is simple enough anyone can do this. Inside this jar are little slips of paper with notes on things, places and events that happened over the course of the last year. On January 1st, the jar starts with a simple note that says, “I kissed the love of my life at midnight”. Every time we went somewhere or experienced something positive, we wrote it on a little slip of paper along with the date and put it in the jar. Examples of other slips might include:

  • Spent a beautiful day at North Park with our son
  • Went to Kennywood and had a great time
  • Our son learned to count to 3
  • I started a new job
  • I picked up a new client that I am excited to work with
  • Spent time with our family on the 4th of July and our son got to ride in a boat for the first time

The trick is that we do not read any of the slips until December 31st. On New Year’s Eve we put our son to bed (eventually he will join us but at 2 years old he needs his sleep) we open a bottle of champagne and as the clock ticks closer to ringing in the new year we dump out all the slips in the jar and read each note. We reminisce, laugh, make jokes and smile until our faces hurt. It is amazing what we do and do not remember, and sometimes my husband will add notes that I do not see until we dump out the jar. We like to add little love notes and notes of gratitude in there just to make it more fun.

After the challenging year that 2020 was I am filled with happiness to see that my jar is near stuffed to the brim with positive notes of all the good things that we experienced this year. It is so easy to remember all the depressing things like losing my job when the gyms shut down, fighting with unemployment, losing clients I loved working with because they were afraid to get COVID, and having to cancel the mommy and me swim lessons I was excited to start. For some reason we have a hard time remembering the positive things. That is why I love to do this jar. It makes me appreciate the previous year and eager to start a new one.

I encourage you to start your own jar or box this year. Share the idea with your family so everyone can contribute. When your kid gets a good grade on a difficult project tell them to add it to the jar. When you have a good day or experience no matter how small add it to your jar. Then on New Years Eve open the jar and enjoy reading all the notes. This exercise can make you realize that even the darkest times have their shining moments.


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