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6 Easy ways to keep your mind healthy


Hopefully, the pandemic is nearing its end, but that does not mean we will be rushing back to “normalcy” right away. Many employers are choosing to keep employees working from home or going to a hybrid method which could lead to less social interaction and mental stimulation as your four walls may seem quite boring to you. Here are six easy ways to keep your mind healthy while continuing to work from home.

  1. Pre-Prepare meals. At this point, you might be sick of the same takeout night after night. Make sure your home is stocked with healthy, wholesome foods ready to eat so you can avoid delivery and takeout. Having meals ready will also make it easier to pack lunches for when you return to work.
  2. Get up and move every day. Spring is here, and with it the sunshine and warmer weather. Get up, go for a walk, and enjoy the fresh air. Rainy day? Make sure you get up and move around your house. Try one of our on-demand workout videos!
  3. Create/stick to your routine. I know it is easy to fall off the wagon with this one. If we make that transition back to the office soon, you will want to be prepared. Try to keep or get back to your normal routine so you can keep up your energy and mental clarity.
  4. Get away from the screen. Admit it, by this time you probably have watched everything you wanted to on Netflix. It was easy to get sucked in at first. Now is the time to break those screen addictions we all picked up and start doing other things. Read a book, do a puzzle, get out a board game for a family game night. Just take 1-2 hours with no electronics to rest your eyes and decompress.
  5. Stay in contact. Hopefully, very soon, we can all start socializing again. Remember the good ole days of going to a restaurant to meet up with friends and family? With more vaccines rolling out, we might get to start living those experiences again. Make sure you stay connected with all your friends and family so you can start planning those fun nights out!
  6. Stay positive. It has been a long year but try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Think of this as that home stretch. Do not give up now. Use this hope to fuel you and motivate you to get some of those projects you started done and be ready to emerge refreshed and renewed.

For more tips and tricks on how to physically and mentally prepare yourself for the return to normal, feel free to reach out to one of our health and wellness coaches at [email protected] or visit up at          


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