The 7 Life Forces

Purpose - What drives you

Mental - How well do you manage stress

Environmental - Are you set up for success

Relational - Do you have a strong support network

Emotional - Do you have control over your emotions

Physical - Are you healthy and fit

Financial - Are you living comfortably 


Megan Wollerton, Founder

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist.

It has been my mission to create an engaging corporate wellness program that works for the employees and the employers. I believe employees can successfully achieve work-life balance while companies simultaneously see happier, more productive employees.  

I spent six years in the oil and gas field industry as a Service Manager. It was a high demand job and I had no balance in my life and I recognized my employees felt the same. Since then I have set out to create a program that would benefit my employees and myself as their leader.

Since leaving the oil and gas field industry in 2013 I have been working in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and health coach. It has been my privilege to help my clients achieve happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Christian Kilhof

B.S. Sports and Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health and Fitness Instructor.

Born and raised in Germany Christian has spent more than 11 years as a personal trainer and wellness coach in both Europe and for the last two years in the United States, making English his second language. He has a background in facility management, including HR duties. He specializes in strength and conditioning, athletic sports performance, power-lifting as well as general toning and wellness. Christian is a great motivator and coach who loves helping people change their lifestyle, overcome their struggles, and improve their quality of life. Christian can work with clients at all levels.

Gina Senatore

B.S. Health Science, M.S. Physician Assistant Studies, NCCPA Certified Physician Assistant. ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Gina has worked as a Physician Assistant since 2014. She has a wealth of knowledge and is well equipped to work with clients that have underlying health conditions who may need a coach that can work with other healthcare providers. Gina is a great patient advocate and remarkable coach. She has worked with a wide range of patients from post-surgical to pediatric. She has a passion for helping people become healthier versions of themselves. Her own personal enthusiasm for exercise lead her to obtain her personal training certification. She is a great fit for new moms, or those with young children, anyone currently under medical care, those with chronic conditions or anyone with high risk factors.

Maria Berexa

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Rock Steady Boxing Certified, Delay the Disease Certified, Matrix Ride

Maria has a real passion for fitness. Exercise has always been a huge part of her life and she enjoys spreading this “love of exercise” to others. She truly enjoys helping people step out of their comfort zone by trying new things and helping them achieve their fitness and health goals. Maria is a remarkable coach with a wide range of skills. Maria is the proud mother of 3 children who are now grown. She relates well with other parents, empty-nesters looking to move into the next phase of their lives and those preparing for retirement.  One of her specialties is working with individuals that suffer from Parkinson’s Disease.  She is currently working on her Senior Specialist Certification through ACE as she has a passion for working with individuals in their “Golden Years”. 

Kane Blucas

B.S. Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh

Kane Blucas is a Pittsburgh native, born and raised in Gibsonia and a graduate of Pine Richland High School in 2012. Taking some time off from college, Kane finally found his passion for fitness and decided to make a career out of it. Fast forward to 2020, he has obtained his bachelor’s degree for Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Kane is an extremely good listener who understands fitness and health is not a one size fits all approach. He is extremely passionate about this field and dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals ranging from improving athleticism and overall health or regaining base strength post-surgery.

12 Month, 6 Phase Process

Phase 1: Create Vision - It all starts with creating your vision and setting achievable goals.

Phase 2: Flex Mental Focus - Once the goals are set our coaches get to work in helping you get in the right mental space. We get rid of the brain fog, set up schedules, learn time-management techniques to keep you focused and more.

Phase 3: Upgrade Environment - Goals are easier to achieve when you are set up for success. In this phase we make sure distractions are eliminated and you have all the tools you need to reach your goals.

Phase 4: Reignite Connections - We do not expect you to do it all alone. Along with our coaches we assist you in reconnecting with friends and family as well as help you find the mentors you need to help you grow. 

Phase 5: Craft Inner Peace - Once you have an established support group it is time to release the pent up emotions and find inner peace and true happiness. 

Phase 6: Elevate Vitality - Now that you have more time we really get to work in cleaning up your diet, creating exercise routines and checking in with your physicians regularly for preventative care.

Life Force Business Partners

Calvin Sales

Financial Services Professional

New York Life Insurance Company

Calvin Sales has served his community in Financial Services industries for over 12 years.  His passion is to provide access and resources to all income and investment experience levels, from a position of advocacy and one on one coaching. Calvin identified, very early in his career, that everyone needs access to a financial professional.  His mission is to provide custom solutions for individuals, families, pre-retirees and business owners strategizing around tax advantaged asset growth.

Scott D. Hacker

Financial Services Professional

New York Life Insurance Company

[email protected]

To Be Announced

Executive Coaching Partner

Coming Soon

Substance Abuse and Counseling Partners

Jayme White

Substance Abuse/Counseling Partner

Jayme White is the Regional Service Coordinator for the White Deer Run Treatment Network.  They provide drug and alcohol treatment to those in need.  Jayme covers most of South Western Pa.  Jayme has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Slippery Rock University.  He currently lives in Westmoreland County with his wife and two children. 

Jayme has an extensive history in helping others and has created a large network of resources – he worked as foster care caseworker for about 10 years prior to switching jobs to working in the addiction field.  Jayme has spent the last 14 years, assessing, referring, and coordinating treatment for individuals and families.  He also has a long history of providing trainings related to the Substance use field.  During that time, he has developed a network of behavioral health resources all over Southwestern PA

Joshua McClure

Substance Abuse/Counseling Partner

Joshua McClure has been working in the clinical field for 14 years and started out in Crisis Intervention.   He graduated from WVU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and has worked in several settings dealing with substance use disorders and dual diagnosis clients. He currently works at White Deer Run Treatment Network as a Regional Business Development Director.  Joshua specialize in assessment and treatment options for those suffering with Substance use disorders and the dual diagnosis population. He also has an extensive background in providing drug and alcohol related trainings to multiple organizations.   


We have a total of 28 years combined experience in the Substance use disorder field.   We specialize in substance use disorder evaluations and placement, but also have extensive experience in providing substance use trainings to multiple organizations.  We specialize in creating custom trainings focused on Substance Use topics for your workplace/employees as well as placement options for anyone struggling with a Substance Use Disorder.  For any trainings or questions relevant to the substance use field please reach out to either of us.

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