Done-for-you wellness programming

We take the burden of creating an innovative, effective and consistent wellness program off the hands of HR and deliver a distinguished program, with ongoing metrics and a positive workplace environment focused on unity, security and immunity. 

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The Life Force App 

Looking for an easy way to communicate your wellness initiatives, track challenges and create community? Our wellness app is a fully customizable, easy to use and affordable. with employers branding. No hidden fee, no long-term commitments and only pay for the employee who actively use it!


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Wellness Consulting

Unsure of what kind of wellness program to implement for your organization? We will work with you to develop a program that will meet the needs of both the company and the employees.

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Leadership and Employee Training

We provide customized training solutions for leaders to help develop a culture of wellbeing and growth. As well as training for employees so they can adopt healthier habits to become more engaged and productive.

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For a look at service packages, all the services we offer and a detailed list of our workshops download our catalog.

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How does your Wellness Program do?

How is the overall health of your company? Do you have increased absenteeism? High employee turn-over? Take our free assessment to get a snapshot of your company's health.


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All The Tools You Need To Build An Engaging Wellness Program.  


Struggling to get your employees to engage in your wellness program? Download our free Guidebook to help you create programs that will motivate your workforce.


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Paul Rivera

Life Force Wellness and their staff have been unparalleled in quality, and effectiveness. Helping me to grow and not just maintain my business. Aiding my employees work life balance, while guiding them on their journeys utilizing the Life Force app., I have seen incredible growth and changes to everyone’s literal and figurative bottom lines!

Ashley Farkas

Megan at Life Force Wellness is a pleasure to work with. We have been utilizing her assistance for our wellness initiatives since early 2021. We keep Megan on her toes, we make her work for solutions that fit us and she always finds a way to make it work. She has taught us skills to be well organized and focused in life. Her presentation skills are phenomenal with large crowds, and she can easily keep their attention. We don’t just utilize Megan here in Pittsburgh, we look forward to sending her out to our satellite offices, so she can share a unified message across our company. We look forward to working with her more in the future.


Larry Chertik

The difference between Megan and others is that she truly cares about you and your progress and you can feel that when you speak with her.

Wellness for All -

Corporate Package


Get Our Life Force App for $5/User

One 30 min virtual workshop for up to 100 people

One challenge set-up for the month

and 60 mins of consulting and program implementation




*Price excludes cost of app per person

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Life Force Method - Corporate Package


No more need to come up with new ideas and challenges for your employees. The Life Force Method takes all the guess work and planning off your plate by providing your employees with a full year of wellness initiatives. Employees will set their own personal goals, so the need to motivate them by use of cash or gift cards is unnecessary. Employees can focus on the topics and issues that they are truly concerned about, so they can better themselves.

Companies enrolled in our program can expect to see happier and  more productive employees. Topics such as time management, organization, and mental focus play a vital role in our programming, so employees can accomplish their work in less time and gain more freedom outside the cubical.

All of this is achieved through our interactive customized app and by employees teaming with a health coach who will partner, guide and assist employees along their journey. Our coaches will perform regular check-ins to keep employees focused on their goals, assignments and help implement plans to avoid setbacks.

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Free Consultation 

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to see if the Life Force Method is the wellness solution you have been looking for.

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