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Life Force Wellness

Life Force Wellness helps companies struggling with growing healthcare costs, increasing employee absenteeism due to illness, and the inability to attract or retain employees by improving employee health and increasing employee satisfaction through our unique in-person and virtual wellness initiatives. Our signature “Life Force Method” is a work-life balance wellness program designed to build unity, boost immunity, and provide security in the modern-day workplace.

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Did the 2020 pandemic turn your life upside-down, as employer were you forced to layoff employees during the shutdown? We understand and have solutions to help your business grow during this chaotic time.


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About Us

Learn more about our team, our process and the 7 Life Forces that our program focuses on.

Corporate Solutions

Are you looking for an easy solution for your corporate wellness program? Learn more about our complete done-for-you program.

Individual Programming

Are you feeling stressed out, burned out, overworked and sleep deprived? We have the program you need to find balance.

Corporate Assessment

How is the overall health of your company? Do you have increased absenteeism? High employee turn-over? Take our free assessment to get a snapshot of your company's health.

Free Corporate Health Assessment

Work-life Balance

Do you have it? Do you have a purpose? have you set goals for yourself? Are you feeling burned or overwhelmed? Take our free Life Force assessment to find out what forces are holding you back.

Free Life Force Assessment

Life Force App

The Life Force App is a great tool by itself and is used in conjunction with the Life Force Program. It is fully customizable for corporate clients who want the tool branded for their employees. It comes with a lot of amazing features seen here!


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